Why are you working for her?

When I hear this song, I cry.

Laurianne walked over to where Micky was seated.

We had fun dancing.

I'll leave.

Thank you for making it so easy.

I think Sorrel is courteous.

Is it still raining?

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Go find someone else to play with.

We had to put off the game due to rain.

I'm not going to let anything happen to you.

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I look on watching TV as a waste of time.


Some subjects are so serious that one can only joke about them.


Do they do that often?

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Don't let go of my hand, or you'll get lost.

Paula, I want you to stop this.

Jeff is incredible.

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The rocket travels at a tremendous speed.

That was a bad suggestion, wasn't it?

When did Marlena say he was coming?

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Let's move the bed.

Her body was in an uncomfortable position.

I know this is difficult for you.

French is difficult, isn't it?

Skip doesn't seem tired at all.

Some go to school by bicycle, others go by bus.

Coleen is the only one with a camera.

People's life expectancy grows every year.

Elisabeth is a lot stronger than Marc.

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She behaves obsequiously toward superiors.

Mr. Jarvis Lorry, are you a clerk in Tellson's bank?

Is it a direct route?

I like it when you talk dirty to me!

I will never know the reason why he lied to me.


You can have this watch for nothing.


Wolves won't usually attack people.


You two should have a lot in common.


Olivier used to get good grades.

Hi, Harold.

Agatha's grandmother died from salmonella.

May it only depend on that!

It is worthwhile to love Christ.

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I was going to ask for a volunteer.


Bangkok is Thailand's capital city.

A white van pulled up outside the house.

There is a white dove on the roof.

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I still want to fight.

I'll do it later.

I'll only talk to them.

The reason Aaron is fat is because he eats too much and doesn't get enough exercise.

I was surprised that her hobby was karate. She always wears cute clothes.

You are a good cook, aren't you?

I went to get the file you asked for.


This is just the book I was looking for.

I want to buy some earplugs before I go to tonight's concert.

She has large blue eyes.

What happens if I press this button?

Which way will we go?

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It's not funny! Stop it!


I told Nou not to drive my car.

His wagon drew up at the entrance to the market.

We live on this long street.


I just can't wait to get home.

It came as a surprise.

I smoked in my youth.


He seemed quite puzzled how to answer the question.

This is the main gate to their house.

Prakash watched the skaters glide across the ice.


Let's set up a meeting.


I need to sleep.

The truth value of an assertion may be a probability value.

No, I don't watch CNN.

Your sister's sleeping.

Socorrito was hiding behind a tree.


He looked upon the scene without much interest.


We can't afford that.

You did not say so.

You should plan to come with us the next time we go camping.


There are two kinds of lies, lies with short legs and lies with long noses. Yours, just now, happen to have long noses.

I am certain that he will quit his job.

There isn't much time.

Keep the toilet clean.

There is a faint knocking at the door.

Try this miracle ointment.

We all became soldiers.

Your ignorance is astonishing!

You don't like love stories, do you?


The airport shuttle will take you to Tokyo International Airport.

Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.

This is the most interesting book I have ever read.

I drew a mustache on Eva's picture.

My mom bought me this toy when I was eight years old.

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Dan made a grizzly discovery.

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If only I were younger.

I'm not trying to back out of that agreement.

I find it difficult to give speeches in French.

Tim lost his money, his family and his friends.

There are not many Berbers contributing to Tatoeba.

Nigel was aware of the difficulties.

Let's take a look at this machine.

They cried when they heard the news.

Who's the D. J. today?


Would you like to take this?

It's different for everyone.

Did anyone else notice this?

It's not very often that someone buys a thousand dollar hat.

She is a famous Philadelphia lawmaker.


Sekar may be dead before morning.


Bea isn't messing around.

Some TV programs are interesting, and others are not.

Do you ever come to Boston on business?

Sorry for calling you at this hour.

I'm sorry for you.

Raymond jumped into the freezing water.

I punched Jeff in the face.

Cliff was elected class president.

To our relief, he came back safe and sound.

Do you want to go out for a drink with me?

She was in the United States last month.


Put it up a notch.

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I would never try that.

What does an airship look like?

What are your true feelings?


I'd like to see the doctor.

What did you do when you got back home yesterday?

I found myself lying in my bedroom.

This work will only be done well if there's division of labor.

Manuel has helped me many times.

I will never forget to keep sweet thoughts in my heart for my dear professor.

Thinking of it made a chill run up my spine.


Who really cares?


I miss it.

Turn off the TV before you go to bed, OK?

She showed the passengers how to fasten their seat belts.

I don't watch television.

Pratt continued to study French for another three years.

Isidore never wanted to go there in the first place.

The library is now under construction.

Danger doesn't come from what we don't know, but from what we believe to be true whereas it isn't.

Nancy isn't angry.

It looked like Brad had a lot on his mind today.

She walked very carefully.

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Let's keep our design dark for a short time.

This is where Guy and Ricardo live.

Did you work last night?


It doesn't hurt so much.


That wouldn't be healthy.

Jonathan told Stan that she was a bad kisser.

You look different than your picture.

Suyog translated the French letter into English for his boss.

He was so ill, the doctor gave up on him.

"Anything else?" "No, that's it."

Pravin can help me.


Jerry should have already eaten by now.

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Have you voted yet?


I can't talk to Mah until he gets back.

Maybe the impulse was working upon her subconscious.

Foreign students demanded help from us.